Weedshop is an new option in the game, if you grow your weed in the weedplantation you can sell it here every hour the prices will be changed in the diffrent citys.

Information about weedshop

Welcome to the weed shop, where you can sell your weed.
Wait for a good price that will be changed every hour.
You can grow weed in the weed plantation


Weedplantation is an new update on mafiakill.com grow your weed and make alot off money from it! sell it on the weedshop!

Information about weedplantation:


Setting up a weed plantation
So you can start a weed plantation here!
This requires a number of professionals, materials and of course plants.
You have to water your plants twice a day, and they have a total lifespan of 3 days!


You can harvest a total of 1x of the plants before they need to be replaced. You decide how long it takes before you can harvest. Of course has an influence on the yield. A good breeding with strong and well-groomed Ladies yields an average of 200gr of weed per plant! Calculate your profit …